Leadfox Finds New Channels and New Outlets for Growing Freelancers

Freelance marketers need tools that help them gain a competitive edge against big established firms. They are the natural underdogs in web marketing. Yet, the vast majority of marketing experts began by carving out a name and identity in the freelance circles. Many individuals get hired after spending years in freelancing. Freelancers are dealing with inconsistent payments, a lack of major benefits, and a whole host of changes that happen every single year.

Leadfox is a source made for freelancers and supported by individuals who understand freelancing. The basic idea of lead fox is to provide a platform for freelancers to offer better services to their agency clients.

What Does Lead Fox Offer?

Freelancers are tackling multiple projects at any one time. There are also dealing with incomplete visions from companies and misunderstandings due to the lack of marketing knowledge. Below are a handful of solutions the leadfox.co platform offers to help freelancers get a grip in a fascinating, albeit difficult field.

Client Organization

All clients are separated into separate project headings. This will account for correspondence and project details. The platform auto-updates while keeping work under a specific client in that specific section.

Hierarchy Set-Up

Sometimes, freelancers subcontract their work out. The lead fox platform has a system set up where the administrative user can have different log-ins and levels for users. There may even be access for clients, so they can see work as it progresses without having access to under-the-hub information. The hierarchy is divided into three main sections- client, employees (subcontractors), and the leadfox firm.

Billing and Payments

One issue freelancers often come across is payment for their services, or the lack thereof. There seems to always be individuals who want to take advantage of freelancers who are not protecting their work. The leadfox platform has billing and payments set-up to keep freelancers focused on what they do best. The agencies will be aware of the relationship.

Leadfox is a great resource for freelancers looking to stay organized and get paid. It will also generate favorable and natural leads that will help get a marketing campaign off the ground. It isn’t easy, and against variables such as miscommunication and tough competition, it is not getting any easier. Fortunately, some options exist that support the underdog. Best, the platform is seeing new support and changing by the week as updates are rolled out. It is not a software that is left unsupported and just thrown out there. it's an organic evolution, backed by a team of freelancing masters.